Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011

Who Let The Pretty Boys Fight?

Erik Gudbranson fought. Not once but twice.

Twice. We could hear Dale Tallon's heart skip a beat from Pittsburgh.

Think someone's trying to make up for being too pretty?

Then Brandon Dubinsky and Kevin Bieksa duked it out. Yet again, Kevin wins every fight he is in.

But we give Dubinsky props for defending himself, pretty awesome.

The title of this video is what got us to watch it...Zack Kassian and Marcus Foligno Tag Team. Uh, can we join?

Big fights in the American League. Also big LOLs.

And if you don't know about our creeping fascination with Gregory Campbell then please stalk our Tumblr. (There will be a date night soon, please refrain from squealing.)

Anyway, he fought Jamal Mayers in a bone-head move although the Bruins needed the jump that a fight would cause.

We like this version because of the slo-mo of the fight. It's unnecessary yet also a lot of fun.

And we can't forget about this fight...

Well, it's more of a hug-fest between the two. It's still kinda funny.

Any good fights you've seen lately? Let us know!

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