Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Date Night Friday: Date Fail (Part Deux)

We have a lot of ideas but one of our best one was Date Fail because everyone's been through one. Or if you're like Noodles, you've been through more than one.

Anyway, how many times have you been out with a guy and everything seemed like it would be okay but then something happened and it turned into a disaster?

That's why we created Date Fails.


Daniel Carcillo

He would ask if your Dad was proud of you...

Erik Gudbranson

You realize that he is actually the Jolly Green Giant in Terminator skin and that's when the date ends.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

He has to legally bring a guardian on the date so say hello to Mr. Horcoff.

Brian Elliott

The date ends early because you have one too many cocktails and keep asking him if his real name is Billy and if he likes to dance.

Claude Giroux

He keeps getting these creepy text messages from someone named Danny that say things like 'I can see you with that girl' and 'Why did you leave me?'.

Steve Montador

*stares* "Hi." And that's it, for the whole date.

Kris Letang

Every time he flips his hair, there is a sigh of longing from the peanut gallery of men that follow him around.

Dave Bolland

He antagonizes you the whole date until you punch him in the nose and then you get taken to the penalty box or jail...

Max Talbot

At the strip club he takes you to, he gets super drunk and keeps shushing you every time you say anything.

Adam McQuaid

His mullet eats your food. And the waiter. And attempts to eat you but you're running down the street by then.


Sometimes these are too easy.

And it's fun to exaggerate a player's personality or character flaw for these fails.

Would you still date any or all of these guys with their failed dates? Let us know either in the comments or the poll.

Also, do you have any date fails you think would happen?

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