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2011 Play Off Finals: Boston vs Vancouver

If you know us then you know that we have absolutely no vested interest in who wins the Stanley Cup this season. Doesn't mean that we don't care so don't read too much into the first sentence.

We like/dislike both teams equally. It would be cool to see either team win. Both deserve the Cup and they better give us seven amazingly good games so that the season ends with a bang instead of a whimper.

Of course many other people do care who wins but we'd be happy either way since the Cup is going somewhere and both seem like the only options.

Tomorrow is Game One and we decided to do a Top Ten of sorts of why this Finals will be fun even if we have no real team in the Finals.

Top Ten: SC Finals Edition

10. Tim Thomas vs Roberto Luongo

09. the very underrated Patrice Bergeron raising the Stanley Cup

08. The Three Musketeers: Burrows, Kesler & Bieksa

07. Kevin Bieksa being even more of a badass

06. Brad Marchand vs Raffi Torres

05. a European captain raising the Cup

04. a drought will be over

03. Cam Neely being thisclose to the Cup

02. Conn Smythe being handed out

01. the potential for overtime in Game Seven with a goal by the player you love

If you don't (or do) have a favorite team in the Finals, let us know why you'll be watching the Finals this season.

Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Memorial Day News and Notes

- The Panthers are still on the hunt for a coach and now that Tallon is back from Europe (scouting and Worlds) then they can go at it seriously now.

- Here's a little story about Kevin Bieksa's personal Conference Finals. He had to move during the play offs. Why would anyone want to do that? Jeez.

- Manny Malholtra has been cleared for practice and is close to coming back. He will not play in Game One (so far as we know) but he's very close to playing.

- Defenseman Chris Pronger is unsure when his injuries will be healed enough to begin training and playing for next season.

- Mikael Granlund's lacrosse-style goal from the IIHF World Championships has been commemorated in Finland on a postage stamp. That's completely awesome!

- As you probably already know, Nathan Horton was fined for spraying fans from a water bottle after Game Six when the Bruins lost to the Lightning.

- Sidney Crosby's vacation is over and he will now be re-evaluated by a concussion specialist to see where he is in his recovery.

A whole bunch of signings happened:

- Edmonton Oilers signed Ryan Jones to a 2-year deal

- St. Louis Blues signed Patrik Berglund to a 2-year extension

- Florida Panthers signed Jack Skille to a 2-year extension as well

- Casey Cizikas signed an entry-level contract with the New York Islanders

Winnipeg News:

- The deal is in place to move the Thrashers to Winnipeg. It is pending until the NHL Board of Governors votes to approve/deny.

- The Manitoba Moose have been dissolved so far and it is pending what happens and where they will go when the NHL moves into town.

- Andrew Ladd was asked about all of this.

- And now Quebec City wants a team.

- Congratulations to the Saint John Sea Dogs for winning the Memorial Cup. It is the first one won by any team in the Maritimes.

Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

There's No Hockey On...

Honestly, what is there to talk about since no hockey is on right now? We have nothing.

Except YouTube.

For our American readers, here is CBC's Intro for the 2011 Play Offs.

We wish we had access to Canadian television. Man, life would be so much easier.

Then we found Ryan Whitney on Next Question.

Still wanna buy him new jeans.

And last, we found this video of the 2005 WJC Canadian team that won Gold.

It's kinda like a who's who in the video. We were challenging each other to see who could find and name the most NHLers.

Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Eastern Conference Finals: Day Seven

#3 Boston Bruins / #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Bruins win series 4-3 after a 1-0 win

Normally, Game Sevens go one of two ways: either a blowout or a close game of one goal. This had blowout all over it until team defense showed up.

The pace of the game was quick and it was an exciting game from the fan's perspective. We're sure that the teams didn't think it was a lot of fun going that fast.

The game was 0-0 until the last seven minutes when Tampa's defense had a pretty bad breakdown and Nathan Horton took advantage of it.

He had his stick on the ice waiting for the David Krejci pass. It was a pretty goal. And the game-winner.

A scary moment in the game was when a puck deflected off of Martin St. Louis's stick and hit Steven Stamkos in the visor then smashed into his nose.

He of course came back and played the rest of the game bleeding everywhere. But that's why we love hockey players.

The Bruins held onto the 1-0 lead and won the game in Boston.

The crowd was going insane when the Prince of Wales was brought out onto the ice.

Finally a good game and an exciting one at that.

Bring on the Finals.

Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

A Love Letter To Our Teams

Whether your team is out of the playoffs (like a majority of fans) or your team is still battling away in the playoffs, you love them.

Our teams have 'failed' us this season but we still love them. And this is a love letter to our teams (and yours).


Dear (insert team name here),

I love you.

I can’t help it. It doesn’t matter if you’re last in the conference or the league and you haven’t made the play offs in seasons. It doesn’t matter if you always make the playoffs and you’re still in them and are doing quite well.

I love you.

I will always love you because it’s all I know.

You were the first thing in my life that meant something to me that wasn’t family. You were the first thing that I could really count on.

You have failed me time and time again but I can’t quit you. You have put me through awful general managers who run the team into the ground. You have put me through losing streaks that last for almost a whole season.

I have been with you through relocation scares and trades and bankruptcy and scandals.

I have been there through the losing streaks and at games where you have lost 9-1. I have been to the rallies to save the arena and town halls to discuss the fate of the team.

I’ve seen it all and I have been through it all. And I am still a fan and I am still loyal.

There are times when I wish that I could be a fan of a team that appreciates my loyalty. I will admit that. There are times when I want to just ditch your ass and be happy as a fan of a team that wins occasionally.

And I try.

I try to be a fan of a team that will actually appreciate how I stay until the end of every game despite the score and how I never boo them off the ice.

Teams that win and don’t have relocation issues and don’t have their star players go down for extended periods of time.

But I just can’t.

Our love is too strong and my loyalty is too deep.

I can’t turn my back on the first team in my life. They always say that you will never forget your first love, well, you are my first love. I try to turn my back on you and become a fan of a better team but I can’t.

I wish I knew how to quit being your fan but we’re too ingrained in each other’s lives.

You save a seat for me every game and I wear your jersey in support. You try really hard to win and I always cheer you on from wherever I am.

I now know that there are better teams out there for me. There are teams that care more and do more for the fans but you’re what I want.

I love you and I always will.

Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Eastern Conference Finals: Day Six

#3 Boston Bruins / #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Series tied 3-3 after a 5-4 Lightning win

Literally back and forth, this whole game. It looked like Boston had the lead but then Tampa roared back to take it.

And then Boston tried to play catch-up the rest of the game. Tim Thomas, what happened?

Boston's defense, what happened?

Oh, we know what it was.

Martin St. Louis, nice to see you back.

As well as you Mr. Krejci, nice hat trick.

A couple of beautiful, dirty goals were scored.

Can't wait for Game Seven. It's gonna be a doozy.


- In awful news, Stan Mikita has been diagnosed with oral cancer. Our hearts and prayers go out to him. We love this man and hope he battles through this.

- Edmonton Oilers forward Liam Reddox signed a one-year deal with the Swedish Elite League.

- Puck Daddy has a 'Pass or Fail' on the realignment of the divisions if Winnipeg gets a team. Article.

- Doug Weight has officially announced his retirement today. He also joined the Islanders front office.

Good move.

- Kyle Okposo signed a 5-year contract extension with the Islanders. Can't wait to actually see him play for the Isles.

- The Sabres signed Marcus Foligno to an entry-level deal. Yes! The good-looking Foligno is coming to the NHL. (so mean but we can't help it that Nick looks like a troll)

- The NHL has announced the SC Finals schedule. It is here. Yay!

Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Western Conference Final: Day Five

#1 Vancouver Canucks / #2 San Jose Sharks

Canucks win series 4-1 after a 3-2 double OT win

Just wow.

The Sharks threw everything they had at Luongo and were the better team but when the bounces aren't there they just aren't there.

Which is a huge shame.

The Sharks had a 2-1 lead and Ryan Kesler was injured. Things were looking up if you're a Sharks fan. But SuperKes makes it back and scores the game-tying goal.

And it goes to double overtime where Kevin Bieksa is the only player on the ice to see the puck hit off a stanchion and literally fall into his wheelhouse.

Sometimes the hockey gods work in mysterious ways.

PS- Captain didn't touch the trophy, wonder if the East team will?

Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

The More You Know

- We are continuing the Greatest Bromances of the 21st Century on our new Tumblr if you are so inclined to check it out. And like always, let us know if we forgot your favorite bromance!

- Kerry Fraser reveals his favorite and least favorite coaches in the NHL with pretty funny anecdotes.

- Tampa fans formed a giant lightning bolt to see their team off to Boston per PuckDaddy.

- Summer has officially started for most teams and some are on the look out for a new coach. Here are some names being thrown around for those teams.

- In two "He's really retiring? Seriously?" moves, both Doug Weight and Brian Rafalski are announcing their retirements soon. We are kind of surprised about both.

- And straight outta Cabo, Mike Richards gives his thoughts on being the Lightning Rod of Hate for the Philadelphia media. This is from Grace, "Apparently Richards also had pneumonia during the Buffalo Sabres series. The Flyers were calling it a head cold at time. He missed 1 practice, but no games."

- From Shanny, this video of Dave Bolland attending the Cubs fantasy camp.

- Hundreds of people showed up to pay their respects to Derek Boogaard. There was a funeral held where former teammates, family and friends came to remember his life and what he meant to them.

Eastern Conference Finals: Day Five

#3 Boston Bruins / #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Bruins lead series 3-2 after a 3-1 win in Boston

Tim Thomas was the first star of the game with 33 saves and he kept the Bruins in it in the beginning.

We were surprised that Mike Smith started. If you were the Lightning coaching staff would you have started him or Roloson?

Simon Gagne, of course, scored the only goal for the Lightning in the beginning of the first period and it looked like Tampa had control.

But after Nathan Horton's goal, it was all Boston with Brad Marchand scoring the game-winner.

We still think this series will go seven so it will be surprising if the Bruins win the next one. But you never know...

Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Western Conference Final: Day Four

#1 Vancouver Canucks / #2 San Jose Sharks

Canucks lead series 3-1 after a 4-2 win

We were watching this game with grandma and after it was 3-0 she turned to us and said, "I don't know a lot about the West but the Canucks are dominating this series."

We taught her very well.

The Sharks had four power play opportunities in the first period to take the lead but they failed on it which isn't something you see from San Jose.

The Canucks pounced on that like we knew they would with three power play goals in the second period.

Oh yeah, and Joe Thornton is injured now? An apparent shoulder injury? Like life couldn't get harder for the Sharks.

Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

Eastern Conference Finals: Day Four

#3 Boston Bruins / #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Series tied 2-2 after a 5-3 Lightning win

Simon Gagne had the game-winner but Teddy Purcell was the reason that they won with his two goals to bring the game within one.

The Bruins had a 3-0 lead and totally squandered it.

They even chased Roloson from the net with a shorthanded goal. Everything looked peachy.

Kind of.

But this man wouldn't let that happen.

(nice title

Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Western Conference Final: Day Three

#1 Vancouver Canucks / #2 San Jose Sharks

Canucks lead series 2-1 after a 4-3 Sharks win

This was as close to a must win as possible for the Sharks.

If they lost this game then you know the Canucks would have had it in the bag. Fo' sho'.

But Patrick Marleau, fresh off his beat down courtesy of Bieksa, scored twice and took the team in his shoulders.

In other news, Joe Thornton also showed up. All Sharks fans say, "Finally, jeez."

this series if far from over despite the worst critics of the Sharks. This is the Western Finals and neither team is gonna go down easy. That's why we love hockey.

Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Eastern Conference Finals: Day Three

#3 Boston Bruins / #5 Tampa Bay Lightning

Bruins lead series 2-1 after a 2-0 shutout

Tim Thomas had 31 saves and was impressive in the Bruins win in Tampa.

The Bruins hushed the home crowd and held the fort through sixty minutes.

Big news was Patrice Bergeron being back in the lineup and killing it in the faceoff dot.

Because he's a boss.

You can tell that he's an integral part of the Bruins run. Like Jordan Staal and Dave Bollan for the previous two Cup winners.

Just saying.


Other news:

- Daniel Carcillo was suspended for two games in the 2011-2012 season for his actions at the end of game four against the Bruins.

- The Montreal Canadiens signed a Russian defenseman, Alexei Yemelin, to a one-year contract.

- There is talk about who Joe Nieuwendyk will hire as the Dallas Stars new coach. Gossip says it's Mike Keenan. (thanks to Shanny for the link)

- The city of Edmonton has approved the beginnings of a new arena deal. This is huge news and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this works out.

- The Ottawa Senators have signed two forwards to multi-year deals, Zack Smith and Colin Greening.

- Mikael Samuelsson is out indefinitely after getting hernia surgery. We don't even remember him playing this post-season.

- In case you hadn't seen it, instead of the Green Men at the Canucks/Sharks game this chick decided to show her ta-tas. Really? Because women who love sports don't have enough to battle through this girl had to be a dipshit.

- And also speaking of that game, Ben Eager was completely off his rocker and just doing stupid shit everywhere. TSN's Netcrashing asks fans if the Sharks should sit him in Game Three.

- The Chicago Blackhawks have signed Corey Crawford to a three-year deal. Good news for the Hawks, finally.

- For all of you Memorial Cup junkies/American fans, NHL Network will be televising games on Saturday @ 9am and at 7pm. And this is just the start, other games will be televised depending on what's happening in the Conference Finals.

PS- In case you hadn't seen, The Hockey Junkies was reviewed by The Hockey Writers in this link. We couldn't have been happier to participate in the question and answer part so read it and let us know what you think.

PPS- We will have a 'Greatest Bromances of the 21st Century' part two soon with all of your suggestions. Thanks for the comments and emails.

Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

Greatest Bromances of the 21st Century

After reading the Crossing Broad article and finding out that Mike Richards, Jeff Carter and Daniel Carcillo are in Cabo for vacation, we had to do this post.

There are some epic bromances that exist in the NHL world. These are guys who somehow always do stuff together no matter the time of year and vacation together and are always pictured out together.

Bromances are everywhere and are everlasting. It seems that these bromances can never be destroyed no matter how many girls get between them.

Let's get started, shall we?

Mike Richards & Jeff Carter

the original bromance

How this Bromance Started: 2003 draft where they were both taken in the first round by Philadelphia

Height of the Bromance: lived together when they were rookies

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: they vacation together and go out to dinner frequently

Duncan Keith & Brent Seabrook

'the old married couple'

How this the Bromance Started: 2004-2005 season in the AHL and have been playing together forever since then

Height of Bromance: 2009-2010 season when they went to the Olympics together and won the Stanley Cup

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: play pranks on teammates and defend each other when former teammates decide to try to concuss them

Jordan Eberle & Taylor Hall

a budding romance of Oilers forwards

How this Bromance Started: before the 2010-2011 season even started, they had a lot of media appearances and the such

Height of the Bromance: the 2011 Grey Cup

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: they have ice cream dates, make fun of each other and live together because they're co-dependent

Ryan Kesler & Alex Burrows

the pests

How this Bromance Started: 2004-2005 AHL Manitoba Moose, thank god for the lockout

Height of the Bromance: double-team trash-talking

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: play on the same line and contribute to the Canucks current playoff run

Shea Weber & Ryan Suter

Canada & USA love

How this Bromance Started: the 2003 draft where Suter was taken first and future captain was taken in the second round

Height of the Bromance: the 2010 Olympics

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: host kids Christmas parties and they perfectly compliment each other

TJ Oshie & Patrik Berglund

lost in translation

How this Bromance started: had their rookie year together and lived together then

Height of the Bromance: this interview

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: they live separate and yet TJ still talks about living with him

Steven Stamkos & Steve Downie

'the Steves'

How this Bromance started: 2008-2009 season after Downie's trade to Tampa (which was probably the best thing for him)

Height of the Bromance: the summer of 2010 when they went to Germany to play for Canada at the WCs and trained with Gary Roberts

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: this whole kind of creepy video

Logan Couture & Devin Setoguchi

the gangsters

How this Bromance started: Twitter

Height of the Bromance: going out to dinner and singing Justin Bieber together

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: Justin Bieber

Adam Burish & Patrick Sharp

oldie but a goodie

How this Bromance started: the 2006-2007 season after Patrick Sharp was traded from the Philadelphia Flyers to the Chicago Blackhawks

Height of the Bromance: the 2010 Stanley Cup win

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: modern technology like Skype

Drew Doughty & Wayne Simmonds

salt and pepper

How this Bromance started: the 2008 WJC

Height of the Bromance: their rookie year and the hazing that they had to endure

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: they live together and call each other cutesy little nicknames like 'salt and pepper'

Brooks Laich & Mike Green

'the obvious couple'

How this Bromance started: the 2005-2006 season between call-ups and the big leagues

Height of the Bromance: this 'Cribs' type video

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: visiting sick kids in hospitals

Matt Duchene & Paul Stastny

our son and his BFF

How this Bromance started: Matt Duchene being a creepy McCreeper and knowing what sticks Paul Stastny uses

Height of the Bromance: the 'Bang Bang' Dance

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: by being amazing together on the ice

Ryan Getzlaf & Bobby Ryan

'gold and silver'

How this Bromance started: Bobby Ryan's amazing rookie year when the chemistry between them was discovered (yes, Corey Perry does get jealous, why do you think he scored 50 goals this season?)

Height of the Bromance: post-2010 Olympics

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: by being mean to each other and constantly assisting on each other's goals

PK Subban & Carey Price

can we call this a 'Shomance'?

How this Bromance started: Montreal media's attention shifted from Carey to PK in a matter of milliseconds once they found out that Carey was finally stable and PK was an attention-starved defenseman

Height of the Bromance:

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: post-game celebrations

Jonathan Toews & Patrick Kane

opposites attract

How this Bromance started: they were forced together as rookies and it just stuck, opposites do attract it seems

Height of the Bromance: the 2010 Stanley Cup

How they Keep the Bromance Alive: by doing extremely cheesy commercials together

Hope you enjoyed the Epic Bromances of the 21st Century.

If we forgot anyone, please email us or comment here with your ideas. (We know that there are a ton of bromances out there but if we couldn't find enough evidence then we skipped it.)