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On Our Soapbox: Hockey And Heels

(Man, we haven't been up here in a while. It feels good.)

As you know, we are girls. And like most girls, we have personal fashion preferences that we abide by every day.

For example, Henrik's complete obsession with high heels. It might actually be a sickness at this point but that's for a different post.

Henrik wears high heels everywhere she goes. Literally. This is not an exaggeration.

We went to Kennywood (an amusement park for those not familiar with Pittburgh) this summer and there's Henrik wearing her nude Guess heels on all of the roller coasters.

She wears them EVERYWHERE.

Even to Penguins games. She's perfectly fine going up and down the steps in the heels. It takes practice but after six years of only wearing heels, she can do it better than most of us in tennis shoes.

One day last season, we were going up the stairs to go to get some cheese fries when these four teenage boys who were sitting down started giggling. Then one said, "I hope that bitch falls down the steps in her heels."

We thought Noodles was going to bust a gasket.

She Orpik-eyed the boys and said, "Why would you say that? Is there something wrong with you that you think that's funny? You're disgusting."

That honestly quieted the boys down. But their comment is one that we've heard many, many times before.

It's from men and women who think that high heels have no place at a hockey game. But we have one question for you:

Who do you think you are, telling us what to wear at a hockey game?

This is the same problem we have with people commenting on the jerseys we wear at games. Are the heels really hurting how much you enjoy the game?

Are you personally offended when we come up the stairs in a cute pair of heels that match our jersey? Do we cheapen the game that we love by thinking that it would be nice to look good while attending a hockey game?

Is it really that big of a deal?

Guess what, it isn't. So take off that homemade Fashion Police badge that you're wearing and keep your outdated opinions to yourself.

(What we don't approve of are the signs that make female sports fans look like dumb bimbos but that's for another post, of course.)

We can wear whatever we want no matter what you say but it would be nice not to have to hear the comments or the snickers. We want to look good because who doesn't? Why should we dress down and wear something that we normally wouldn't just so that you won't laugh at us? It's stupid and something that we refuse to do.

Now, onto the other female fans in attendance at the arena.

We found this on Hockey Secrets on Tumblr.

Really? You think that just because we wear high heels to a game that we don't respect it? Do you really think that we don't understand what is going on just because we want to look good and feel comfortable when going to a sporting event?

We know what type of girls you are talking about. We get it and we've seen those girls. But why do you care? Who cares what they wear to a game? You shouldn't be so concerned with what we want to wear to a game. Female sports fans have a hard enough time being respected so don't attack your fellow sister. Unless she's screaming for Jordan Staal to look at her then we totally condone you elbowing the betch in the Chiclets.

Guarantee that we know way more about hockey than you but you don't hear us judging what other female sports fans wear to the arena. We don't care when you wear your precious obscure fourth-liner's jersey because you think no one else has heard of him. We don't care like Carey Price doesn't care.

We don't care when you show up in jeans and tennis shoes, that's all Noodles wears to games.

We don't care what you wear on any part of your body as long as you respect and know the game. We give you the benefit of the doubt until you show us otherwise. Why is that so hard for other female sports fans to understand? Why do girls have to be so catty and childish?

But this isn't limited to a few girls. We've been on the attack before and then felt terrible about it.

We know you've been there. You've seen the girl in the Crosby jersey making her way around the arena and she's wearing knee-high high-heeled boots.

And you roll your eyes and judge her, elbowing your friend and calling her a 'puck-slut'. We've all been there and we've all done it.

Well, why do you do that? Are you jealous that you are too scared to wear heels? Why do you care what another girl wears to an arena?

Why must we berate other female hockey fans for wearing whatever they want to wear. If they're tying their t-shirts to be belly shirts and spray-painting love letters to Kris Letang on their bodies, who cares? They're only making fools of themselves. It's not hurting you at all.

Why do you care?

Are you afraid that she will give the wrong impression to the guys there and they will think that all girls are just puck-sluts who only want to see how hot the players are.

We've got news for you, most guys already think that no matter what they see you wearing. We've been judged more when wearing a Team USA jersey and tennis shoes than a Penguins jersey and heels.

Women will always be seen as lesser sports fans than men. So why give them the pleasure of you making fun of your fellow female hockey fans for them?

Here's an idea...get to know the girl and then judge her. Sometimes the outside does match the inside and they're just as vapid about hockey as their outfit suggests. But we guarantee that most of the time that isn't true.

Let us wear whatever we want. It's not hurting you and it's making us feel good. Why bring us down when we're all cheering for the same sport and love the same game? It doesn't make sense to us at all.

High heels are a personal choice and one that many female sports fans make every game.

The fact that we can out-stat most male hockey fans and shame your hockey knowledge under the table just makes whatever we wear that much better.

(Thanks to Amelia for the email that got this train of thought rolling. And also for the Hockey Secrets confession for making us really mad.)

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