Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Fantasy Hockey Update: Week Three

(This week, due to our vacation, the posts have been pre-done so this picture was taken on Sunday morning.)

Hello fellow hockey pool junkies.

How do you think you did last week?

It's a little further into the season so some teams and players are finally finding their groove which is helping settle this up and down fantasy points.

Let's check it out...

Top Five:

1. TurboShelly
2. Mr. Bananagrabber
3. Wet Island Pool Boys
4. Evgenia
5. CheezyChiliCheezs

It looks like TurboShelly has taken the lead with the help from misconducts and fights from Brandon Dubinsky and Zdeno Chara.

And Evgenia has the three shutouts from Jonathan Quick that has rocketed her to fourth place. Pretty nice when you pick the right goalie.

Also, Mike Green had a huge night against the Detroit Red Wings. Actually, the entirety of the Washington Capitals had a huge night on Saturday.

That helped quite a few jumps in the standings.

Anyway, good luck and hope everyone has another good week!

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