Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Fantasy Hockey Update: Week Two

Hello all, here are the results for week two of our fantasy hockey league.

I (Noodles) am extremely ashamed to see that my team is dead last. Goes to show that I don't really pick my favorite players for their playing skills...

What else is new?


Top five are:

1. CheezyChiliCheezs
2. TurboShelley
3. Team Scarlett
4. Mr. Bananagrabber
5. Wet Island Pool Boys

CheezyChiliCheezs is running away with the competition so far. Her team seems unassuming but with the top three of Adam Burish, Patrick Sharp and Jordan Staal, she is cleaning up right now.

Team Scarlett had a big week with the misconduct and fight of Erik Gudbranson and the goals from James Neal that pushed her from fifteenth place into third. That's a huge jump but also a good one.

TurboShelley also had a big week from Alex Burrows and Brandon Dubinsky pulling the weight so far.

Still some time left so don't despair. Everyon's got a chance...except Noodles.

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