Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Dinner With Jeff Skinner, Who Wouldn't?

Thanks to Kathryn for this link and this explanation:

The Jeff Skinner 5 game plan includes: Skinner bobblehead, Skinner wall cling, trading cards(including Skinner), and a personal autographed photo.

Also, you can fill out a survey and win a dinner with little Jeff Skinner.

How funny is this?

What we want to know is, who would you offer up from your team as a sacrificial dinner date?

Or better question: Who would you pay good money to have dinner with?

We would want to have dinner with Brian Burke so he can berate us and tell us that we're wrong over every little detail. Seriously.


Also, Neil Young has denounced his fan-ship to the San Jose Sharks and has become a fan of the Winnipeg Jets.

He's allowed. He's Canadian and can do whatever the hell he wants.

(Thanks to Mouthguard for the link.)


In case you haven't been up on the Twitter lately then we have this little story for ya.

So Ryan Whitney, being the consummate teammate that he is, wanted to welcome Jordan Eberle into the Twitter-World with this tweet.

But being a teammate, Eberle wouldn't let a misspelling slide.

So Whitney had this to say back

And this was posted on his Twitter today...

Pretty funny.

(Thanks to Esbee for this link.)

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