Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Decision Time

A lot of the rookies are reaching the nine-game point and teams have to make a decision to either keep him or send him back to Juniors.

The Oilers are opting to keep the Nuge which has us happy-dancing in our seats for the Oilers and we get to see him grow into his lady-face. It will happen. LeTude called it when she said Taylor Hall would grow into his horse-face.

They also play together really, really well. Along with Jordan Eberle.

Also, in a not a surprise at all move, the Avalanche are keeping Gabriel Landeskog. One, they need him. Two, he's been ridiculously awesome for the team.

And the Flyers are keeping Sean Couturier which makes us alternately happy (because he's cute) and yet frustrated because now we have to learn how to spell his name correctly.

He's been impressive for the Flyers and with younger Scheen out for an extended period of time with a broken foot, it's a good decision.

There isn't an article about it that we've seen but it looks like Adam Larsson will be staying with the Devils this season. Yay, another Swede!

And the Kings have Slava Voynov on the backend who scored his first NHL goal tonight along with another one in the Kings win over the Stars. He's been pretty good for them and might stay with them for a while.

Or until Drew Doughty returns.

Other News:

- Ryan Whitney is injured again. This is getting to be just ridiculous. Ridiculous. He sprained his knee in the Oilers win against the Canucks and will be out for THREE WEEKS.

Really? What a jerk.

- This fight last night between Brad Marchand and PK Subban was definitely a great highlight.

It's like two kids play-fighting, love it.

- Kyle Turris has asked the Phoenix Coyotes for a trade. There's a lot of bad blood between Turris and the Coyotes brass. Really weird.

- There is talk to bring AHL teams to the West coast so that Western teams will have their prospects closer and they do not have to travel for hours and hours after a sudden or emergency call-up.

- The Penguins will be hosting the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. Can you hear us screaming with joy? Cause we totally are. We've been up on this since the summer but it was officially announced yesterday.

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