Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Date Night Friday: Tyler Bozak

We found this picture while Googling something else and knew we had to date him.


Hi, I'm Tyler.

I play for the Toronto Maple Leafs which means you either hate me or don't really care who I am. Well, I aim to change all of yo minds with this fun date I have planned.

First, I call you and charm your face off. And I cryptically tell you to bring your ice skates on our date.

The day of the date, I pick you up in my nice SUV and we listen to terrible pop songs while driving through Toronto.

Our first destination is Nathan Phillips Square where we join the other date-night people and skate hand-in-hand for a while.

We talk and laugh and I show off a few times with my skating moves.

Until we get too cold and decide to find the nearest Starbucks and made a slight jog to it. Inside and almost warm, we order salted caramel hot chocolates and make fun of the other people we saw skating.

On the way home, we listen to some more bad music and start to sing along because we can't help it.

Now here is where the date gets a little fuzzy because you have to make a decision:

to kiss or not to kiss me goodnight. It's all up to you.

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