Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Oh Glorious Day

For Penguins fans at least.

Sidney Crosby has been cleared for CONTACT!

Don't tell Jeremy Roenick that the media is still talking about Sidney Crosby.

Means the beetch can get hit. Yay! Never thought we would be excited that Sidney Crosby getting hit would be a good thing.

But we're excited.

Now, while this is all rainbows and unicorns, we were a little more excited about the CONTRACT EXTENSION FOR OUR FAVORITE LEFT WINGER, CHRISTOPHER KUNITZ.

Yes, that excitement did warrant all capital letters. Do not judge.

Other News:

- The realignment debate rages ooooooooooooon.

- Eric Nystrom was acquired by the Stars from the Wild. Resident Stars fan Shanny explains this move in the comments for the post on 10/11.

- The Flyers traded Stefan Legein and a sixth round pick in 2012 to the LA Kings for future considerations.

- And the returns begin:

Ryan Strome and Ryan Murphy were returned to their Junior teams.

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