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Top Ten: Underrated Hotties

Everyone we know has that one player that they talk about all the time and they insist that he's hot and then one day you take a look at him and it's like 'WHOA YES, HE'S A STONE COLD HOTTIE!!!' or something like that.

We know we do it all the time.

Some are guys who you will say, "Hey, he's not underrated, I like him" but that's the point of this post. These are the guys that we obsess over and other people are like, "What, why?" Everyone has their own taste.

Here is our top ten but you are more than welcome to comment and let us know who you think is an underrated hottie in your book.

Top Ten: Underrated Hotties

10. Linus Omark - Edmonton Oilers

We asked Macke who she would put on this list and she yelled through text message, 'LINUS OMARK' and we actually felt bad for not thinking of him in the first place. He is Swedish, has amazing hair and can score goals not just in the shootout.

09. James Neal - Pittsburgh Penguins

If you're a Stars or Pens fan, you know this bitch and you really love him. He's a goal-scoring machine right now and it's a beautiful thing. How can you not love him and his ginger beard? It's almost like you have to.

08. Zach Bogosian - Winnipeg Jets

Who, you say? What do you mean you don't know who this biotch is? Get up on the names and faces, women. We think every girl should be in love with his eyebrows alone. Come on, look at that FACE!

07. Brandon Sutter - Carolina Hurricanes

He has definitely grown into his looks which is a great thing. Noodles called it when he was in the Super Series like a million years ago. Also, we don't believe he's a Sutter, he's too pretty to be the spawn of Brent Sutter.

06. John Tavares and Josh Bailey - New York Islanders

Two good-looking centers on one team? How dare they flaunt this great hair and wonderful cheekbones? Why aren't we Islanders fans by now? Those lucky bastards. No wonder we enjoy Penguins/Islanders games so much...

05. Colin Wilson and Nick Spaling - Nashville Predators

Honestly, the Predators are on the Hottie Watch List right now. SO MANY up and coming hotties on this team. We're excited. And you should be too. The Preds are mired in some kind of funk right now but they will pull through and if not, at least they're good-looking.

04. Marc-Andre Gragnani - Buffalo Sabres

He came up last season for the Sabres brief playoff run and has stuck around. But that isn't what's important to us. We're into the looks, duh. He's French-Canadian, has a nice smile and plays defense. Yes, please.

03. Alec Martinez - Los Angeles Kings

Hello, hottie. We knew he existed but never really knew what he looked like until we did the One-A-Days last season and that was the end of us not knowing about him. Now he gets the creepy fan-mail like all the rest of them.

02. Marco Scandella - Minnesota Wild

If you're like us then you rarely watch the Wild, it happens and we apologize. But then we kept hearing his name and then we looked him up and BAM! we were pregnant...just kidding.

01. Gregory Campbell - Boston Bruins

Jesus take the wheel and the keys and the entire dealership. He's like ridiculously good-looking. Can we gift-wrap him and put him under the Christmas tree?

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