Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Fantasy Hockey Update: Week One

Hello, everyone! How do you think you did in your pool? Well, if you're like us then not that well.

We blame slow starts and not enough games. It is in no way our faults, at all.

Here is a screenshot of the standings for this week.

It looks like the top five are:

1. CheezyChiliCheezs
2. Wet Island Pool Boys
3. The Bert and Ernies
4. The Dizzy Timbits
5. TundrBayCityRollers

Most of their points came from the Patrick Sharp misconduct from Saturday night's game, Kris Letang/Evgeni Malkin's current domination in the West and Eric Staal being the badass Cane that he is.

It's still early so don't start the celebrations just yet, ladies.

We will have an update hopefully every Monday. Just another thing to look forward to this long season.

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