Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

Fourteen Games, What To Watch?

We all have our favorite teams.

And our second favorite and our third favorite and so on. But on nights like this, who do you watch?

If you're like us then you will have two television sets set up with Center Ice and can watch whatever team you like.

But that causes even more problems sometimes.

There are seven games starting at 7:00 and then the rest start within half hours of each other. Of course.

We had to figure out who to watch. Henrik has to see the Rangers play for the first time in a week. Noodles is solely-focused on the Blackhawks.

And yes, we actually do change our plans to fit the games that are on. What can we say, priorities.

Which teams are you excited to see play tonight?

Who will be your watch of choice?

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