Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

Fantasy Hockey Update: Week Four

Important Note: Tomorrow is the first trade of the fantasy season for us. You have two trades a month so use them wisely.

How it works is you keep the points accumulated by the player until the day that you trade him then you start getting the new player's points.

We will be taking trades until 11:59 Tuesday.

Let's check out this week's status

Top 5:

1. TurboShelly
2. Hattrick Marleau
3. Evgenia
4. Wet Island Pool Boys
5. CheezyChiliCheezs

As for this week's update, the names are pretty much the same except for the sudden rise for Hattrick Markeau. That team went from thirteenth to second within a week. Man, that's pretty nice.

The jump was helped by the amazing play by Kari Lehtonen and Kevin Bieksa racking up the points and PIMs that we know he is capable of.

Good luck this week and don't forget about the trades! We wanna get them in by Wednesday.

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