Sabtu, 03 September 2011

Video Round-Up

Since it's technically a holiday weekend and we haven't done this in quite some time, we are going to get some fun videos for everyone to watch.

It's been too easy to load our blog anyway, time to slow it down with embedded videos.


George Parros and Anaheim firefighters helped raise money at Oogi's Pizza for charity.

Checking in with John Carlson

don't mind if we do

Let's meet TJ Brodie from the Calgary Flames

future DNF, quite possibly

Gary Roberts and James Neal

watch and learn

The Swedish Blackhawks painted some of the Hawks logo on their ice

Stalberg has no accent, if he wasn't so damn pretty we would think he was American

Ian Laperriere and his son, Tristan, face off in a US History test

weird but funny

In case you haven't seen it, here is the behind the scenes at the 2011 draft with Gabriel Landeskog

Martin Biron gives a tour of the Rangers locker room, equipment rooms and other places

And here is a link if you're interested in seeing all of the tour

The Blue Jackets kiddies cook things in the Nationwide Arena kitchen

Ryan Johansen, when did you grow up?

Michael Haley and Josh Bailey read to kids

We're sorry but, uh, Josh Bailey? What's with the chester 'stache? Trying to be like Gillies?

The fact that Dave Coulier is a Red Wings fan makes 'Full House' even better

but the pants he is wearing detract from that awesomeness....kind of

The Canadiens are featuring some vintage commercials that are just fantastic, even if they are in French

Ryan Jones and Theo Peckham battle on the golf course

Ryan Jones is hilarious, of course so this is a must-watch

Two awesome humans in one room

Dale Tallon & Erik Gudbranson, someone take our blood pressure cause it has to he through the roof from the excitement

Awkward Mike Richards

so awkward

Hurricanes held their first unofficial skate

more like Baby!Hurricanes

This is not a joke: Cal Clutterbuck takes a man shopping after winning a 'Be Like Clutter' contest

that was actually kind of fun

Marcus Foligno

you just know he's going to be a future obsession on the Hockey Junkies

It's kind of long but worth it...Blues Inside Access

Adam McQuaid put potatoes in the Stanley Cup


This is literally a video showing the FOOD that is present on Canucks flights

Where do they fly because we wanna come with

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