Selasa, 06 September 2011

Random Stuff We Found

So, in our endless search for Waldo or something like that, we found the Los Angeles Kings Pandora playlist.


What is it with hockey players and country music? Not that we have anything against it, it's just not something we like. But, but what is with so many hockey players being in love with it?

We just don't get it. It's like they have to be or they cannot be in an NHL locker room. Or something.

We found this gem on Tumblr. It's two Syracuse Crunch players, Grant Clitsome and Nick Holden, in 'How well do you know your teammate?'

We were laughing with them until 'terradactor' came up then we just felt bad for laughing.

In some bad news, Paul Holmgren was injured in a bicycle accident in South Jersey. He is in the hospital but it doesn't seem to serious which is always good news for any hockey fan.

The new Winnipeg Jets jerseys are here!

Well, what do you think? We like them.

If you're in need of some help when picking out your fantasy league for our pool then here is a link of the top 50 players. You can also find the top players of each position from this link.

Also, we have decided that there will not be a buy-in this season because we want to see if it will be possible to have enough people for this to even go forward. But there will be a prize for the top three teams. We won't tell you what it is but it will be awesome.

If one of us wins, well, it happens right? We won't cheat, never will. We take hockey more seriously than winning, ask anyone we know.

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