Kamis, 08 September 2011

Fantasy Hockey, Hockey Junkies Style

This will be the official post for the fantasy hockey teams with all of the information and rules that you could want.

Here is what we need from you:

1. Make up a team of four complete lines, right/center/left with three pairs of defensemen and two goaltenders. Also, make up reserves of two players from each position and submit those to us as well.

2. All we are asking for is a document with the names of the players and we can fill in the rest.

3. We will be using Yahoo!Sports fantasy league and this is the first time that we've ever used it. If you have any tips or anything then let us know. Submit your teams and the name and we will send you the ID# and password to add your team.

4. The players you pick should be based on how much you like them. That's how we run things here. We like to see who has the most successful boyfriends/husbands/favorite players in the NHL. It's like a competition to us to see who has the better favorite players.

5. We would like these submitted to us by Thursday 9/15. If you have any questions, like who to pick for a fourth line winger or who is what position then just email us or Tweet at us. We will be monitoring the waiver wire as we like to say when we look for information from our readers.


1. We cannot verify that you are picking players that you like versus players that will get you points but do whatever floats your boat.

2. Every month on the 15th we will have a no-holds bar trade day for injured players and the like. Just submit a written trade in an email and we will put it in the league.

3. There is no draft because we don't like competition that much and drafts cause a lot of fights between all of us. As usual.


Any questions?

Let us know in the comments or email. Remember, 9/15 is the date for the teams so get them in quick because there are only 20 spots!

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