Jumat, 30 September 2011

Date Night Friday: Sam Gagner

We feel like this go-around of DNF is all about the guys we missed the first time around.

Every time we go "HOW DID WE MISS HIM?!" And this is one of those times.


Uh, hi.

I'm um Sam Gagner. I play for the Edmonton Oilers and well, Hi.

So how does this work again? I take you on a date and then we talk about it here or...oh, wait, I get it now.

Okay, so what would be do on a date? Jeez, I have no idea. We'd probably hang out at my new house and play video games.

Is that okay?

We could invite a few of the guys over and order pizza (don't tell coach, duh) with whatever you want on it.

I know that most of the young guys on the team will come over. And you and I can sit on the couch together, shoulder to shoulder, while the peanut gallery sits on the floor.

I just got the new Gears of War and we can eat greasy but delicious pizza while yelling at each other over the game.

When we get sick of GoW then NHL11 gets put in next. We fight over who gets to play and it ends up being me versus you or the Oilers vs (insert your team here).

Of course your team wins, by default.

Finally, the peanut gallery leaves adn we have some time alone. And we put that to good use by making out in front of the Oilers on NHL11.


Did you enjoy this date?

Was it fun with video games, pizza and the peanut gallery?

Let us know!

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