Sabtu, 24 September 2011

Video Breakdown: Drew Stafford & Fu-Manchu Workouts

Jennifer sent us a link to this video and we could not stop watching it. It's better than a cliffhanger and four times as funny.

We decided to do the first ever Hockey Junkies breakdown of the video. Because we found so many things wrong/right with this video.

Fu Man Drew Workout - with Drew Stafford

01. The mustache. It's a thing of beauty with it's perfectly groomed corners and the slightly porntastic air to it. We bow down to it's awesomeness.

02. Drew's delivery is so monotone that you actually start to take what he is saying and doing seriously.

03. The cut-off shirt.

And it's Paul Gaustad's player shirt. With no sleeves and no mid-drift.

04. Roller blades. The transition from his skate braking to that bend-and-snap routine is Oscar-worthy Martin Scorsese stuff right there.

Nothing short of amazing.

05. 'All 4 One' Greatest Hits. On his iPod. We are not surprised at all by this selection. It seems like the perfect workout music to get your blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing.


Did he steal these off of his grandmother? Does he plan on walking the mall later with a velour suit and wristbands? Because that's where he's heading, wearing those.

07. The Cat Scratch? Best exercise ever.

Really stretches out those hammies.

08. This is also the first instance that we see 'the man in the background' who we later find out is this crazy man named Jakub.

Total Creeper. (It took us all of five seconds to figure out who it really was. How could you take any longer?)

09. His face while doing the one-armed pull-ups? Ridiculous and sort of hot in some weird way. It's the fu-manchu that does it for us.

10. "Everyone's kind of afraid to tell him to leave. Think he might actually kill you."


11. Shake weight phase. Wow. We thought we were the only ones that went through that.

12. How he delivers the Superman dissing without laughing, we don't know. "Superman nano-resistant neck-holds." He doesn't even blink.

13. This stance.

The power he exudes is amazing.

14. He has found the routine that works for him and he does not plan on stopping.

We don't want him to. Ever.


And that was the Video Breakdown. Enjoy this little slice of crazy pie and yuck it up with Drew Stafford and his sexy cut-off t-shirt.

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