Sabtu, 17 September 2011

Saturday Is LinkDay

Training camp was successful today. We had a blasty-blast and cannot wait to see the boys tomorrow.

So, onto the news.

- In more extension news, Tyler Myers re-signed with the Sabres for seven more years. That's a while, buddy.

- Drew Doughty is still holding out and there will be consequences. But Lombardi will not pay him more than Anze Kopitar who makes 7 million a year.

- Teemu Selanne agreed to a one more year with the Anaheim Ducks. He will make four million this season.

- Shanny came up big with more information on the current situation with the Dallas Stars and their ownership.

- The Islanders also locked up Josh Bailey for two more seasons with a deal worth about 2.1 million a year.

- Luke Schenn re-signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs for a five-year deal rumored to be worth about 3.6 million a year.

- Chris Pronger was named the new captain of the Philadelphia Flyers.

- Most important of all is the preseason schedule being broadcast on the NHL Network.
We couldn't be happier about this.

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