Kamis, 29 September 2011

ESPN Should Have Consulted Us...

Thanks to Tuorto for the heads-up on ESPN's The Body Issue featuring the one and only Ryan Kesler.

(It hits newsstands October 7th.)

That means he will be naked and posing. That means we don't have to be subjected to Chara's nekkid body again. Although that picture is hard to forget.


Okay, but we approve of this man gracing the pages of ESPN.

We really, really do.

And of course this makes us think about all of the other hockey players we could be subjecting to this humiliation/objectification.

And our minds are blown from all of the hotness hitting our senses. Just take a minute, think about your favorite hockey player with no clothes on.

Yes, we just made you do it. And now your mind is blown.

Who would you force into the pages of ESPN to bare it (almost) all? We have our top seven, of course. Wanna know who they are?

1. Henrik Lundqvist

2. Shea Weber

3. Ryan Callahan

4. Drew Stafford

5. Luke Schenn

6. Brooks Laich

7. Sidney Crosby

This took a lot of fighting and throwing things and general craziness in the house to come up wit this list. We each had a top seven then combined it to make one. Because we like to be democratic like that.

What's your list...and why if you're so inclined...

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