Senin, 19 September 2011

Preseason Makes It Real

We watched the Toronto Maple Leafs battle the Ottawa Senators on NHL Network tonight and it couldn't have made us happier. The closer we get to the season, the better the days get. Or so it seems.

Also, we felt that it was appropriate for us to change the header since the offseason is over and we can stop whining about it.

Whatchu think? We never said we were good with Photoshop, just that we really enjoy abusing it for our own enjoyment.

Okay, onto other news.

First order of business, we would like to say that we will be awarding prizes for the top three of the fantasy hockey league that we have put together. It turned out that Yahoo wasn't the way for us to go so we found another site that was even better.

The top prize will be from this amazing website we found through Tumblr called Pucks & Pixels. We love the designs and the ideas behind the clothing. We're going to pick what the winner gets, makes it more fun.

The other two prizes will be things that we find that we feel are appropriate for who wins spots two and three. We feel that we have a pretty good handle on what each of you who are in the league would like and if not, we can always ask.

Okay, second order of business is what we have in store for tomorrow.

Jennifer was kind enough to document the Chicago Blackhawks first day of training camp and has sent us a write up. We will be posting that tomorrow.

And our third order of business is the news for the week. Since the season is starting up again, the news are coming fast and furious. It's kind of nice to have a lot of articles to link to again.

- Jarome Iginla left practice early after back spasms. This worries us.

- Marc Staal is dealing with some concussion symptoms after a hit that his older brother, Eric, laid on him. Now that's a competitive family.

- Everyone in the league received the new rule changes in video form this week. Some of the changes are interesting and we cannot wait to see them in action.

- The boys from NHL Live! have their predictions for the new season. Some of them are interesting.

If any of you have predictions (funny or serious) comment with them here or email them to us and we will include them in our Top Ten 2011-2012 Season Predictions coming out next week.

- And last, Patrick Kane being the ham that we love.

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