Kamis, 15 September 2011

Top Ten: Players Not To Pick For Your Fantasy Team

(If we insult anyone here then we apologize. A little bit at least. It's all a joke anyway.)

Before the season begins, everyone who joins a fantasy hockey league worries about the players they should pick. Like who will break out this season and who will be consistent.

Well, ever worry about who will be a dud? We do and that's why we made up this list of players we think will be duds for one reason or another.

Top Ten: Players Not To Pick For Your Fantasy Team

10. Drew Doughty

the SOB hasn't signed yet, how dare he? We're mad at him still.

09. Sidney Crosby

who knows when he will be back, we don't trust him

08. Jonathan Toews

he hates children, dogs and old people...everyone knows that

07. Gary Roberts

for some reason, he's lazy and we don't think ready for the season

06. Taylor Hall

all that hockey hair weighs him down

05. Paul Bissonnette

he's too busy Tweeting his BFF Dan Carcillo

04. Eric Tangradi

more concerned with Cheesecake Factory and chocolate than actually scoring goals

03. Jason Spezza

he's still lost without Dany Heatley

02. Dustin Byfuglien

he was arrested for operating a boat while being intoxicated, he ain't too sharp

01. Ryan Whitney

Noodles picks him every year and he breaks her heart, stay far, far away

And that's our list.

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