Jumat, 23 September 2011

Date Night Friday: James Reimer

The Leafs seem to be in pretty good shape so far into the preseason. A few tweaks here and there but other than that, it seems like only good things are coming.

So we thought it would be appropriate to have a little date with the current savior of the Leafs, Mr. James Reimer.

And yes, the 'Mr.' is necessary.


Hi everyone, how are you? I am James Reimer, the goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs. That ain't a big deal though.

So, I was thinking about a simple date. Just something fun to do while we get to know each other, yeah? I was thinking we should go to Chinatown.

You may ask yourself, 'Chinatown? Why there?' Well, maybe because it smells like delicious food and there are brightly colored fabrics everywhere.

We can shop at the little stores and look at all of the cool things they have there. It's so bright and colorful, a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Then after we shop, we can stop at one of those tiny restaurants with the paper lanterns and the Chinese ladies that barely speak any English but they smile sweetly at you.

We stuff ourselves full of Chinese food and then walk it off back to the car. It's a long, walking day but we had a ton of fun.

Or at least I think you did.


Did you like this simple date with Mr. James Reimer?

Was it something you would do again?

Let us know!

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