Senin, 12 September 2011

How's Your Monday Going?

**Just fyi, we have NO spots open for the fantasy hockey so we're sorry about that. If we made a promise to you, we will do our best to make sure that we can honor it.

Also, please get your teams set up in the Yahoo league. We're hoping that everything works out with rosters and drafting. If not, we have a backup plan called ESPN.

- As you should know, last week was the NHL Media Tour. Blaaaaaaahhh, so many good-looking hockey boys in suits. Ahhhhh.

Here is a link to some pictures. LINK.

At the NHL Store, Henrik Lundqvist and Brad Richards made a splash by being the two best-looking GQ mother-effers there. Of course.

And EJ Hradek has a list of other players that made a great impression at the Player Media Tour.

- Two new captains were named:

The St. Louis Blues tabbed David Backes as their new wearer of the 'C'.

And Ryan Callahan is the captain of the New York Rangers.

Sorry, we have to pause for a minute here. This is such good news.

We're verklempt.

- Kyle Wellwood signed a one-year-deal with the Winnipeg Jets.

He's the man who will never go away.

- The Blackhawks traded 'future considerations' to the New York Islanders for David Toews.


- Cory Stillman has retired and will be joining the Florida Panthers in a player development job.

- The 24/7 DVD from the Penguins/Capitals lead up to the Winter Classic will be ready for sale on November 15th.


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