Jumat, 16 September 2011

Date Night Friday: Andrew Ladd

We were inspired by recent events, such as Toews and his hit heard round the world and the subsequent video we watched with Ladd and Versteeg, to make this date happen.

It seemed like it had potential to be a good time.


Hello, how is everyone on this beautiful Friday evening. My name is Andrew Ladd and I am the captain of the newly-minted Winnipeg Jets.

I'm a pretty low-key guy and it takes a lot to get me upset.

Unless it's Ryan Kesler and all I have to do is see that joker's face and I go off the deep end.

Whoops, sorry about that tangent ladies.

Anyway, for this date I was thinking of taking you to a nice evening of punk and metal music at The Zoo/Osborne Village Inn in downtown Winnipeg.

I hear that it's a nice family joint that has rock shows every weekend.

Just kidding, it's a full on metal/punk/rock hole-in-the-wall venue that has awesome acoustics and a great atmosphere. I don't even care who is playing because music is music and if it sucks, we'll just go somewhere else.

So, if it's a good band, which I think it will be, we'll stay. I think we would get some finger-food and whatever beer is on draft and enjoy whatever band is playing that evening.

What do you think about my date, huh? What do you think about my smile, eh?

You cannot say no to me, I know that.


Well, do you find it difficult to say no to Andrew Ladd and his pretty smile? Did you enjoy yourself on this date?

Let us know in the comments and/or the poll to the right.

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