Jumat, 09 September 2011

Date Night Friday: BJ Crombeen

Seems like an unconventional choice for a DNF but he's absolutely adorable and we couldn't resist dating his face off.

By the way, the Blues are one good-looking team. Seriously.


Hello ladies, my name is BJ Crombeen and I play for the St. Louis Blues.

Yes, the team that Jon Hamm cheers for.

I have planned this date carefully but I pretend that it's not.

I pick you up in the early afternoon and take you to a bike show where we rent a tandem bike.

I know how to ride already but I give you some tips on how to use it.

We take a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, talking about the things we see and take in the beautiful nearly fall weather.

A little into the ride, we stop at this outdoor cafe that looks good. We get lunch and make up fake lives for the people in the cafe around us.

Like the one guy who collects Precious Moments dolls and keeps them on a shelf in his place in his mother's basement.

After lunch, we ride the tandem bike back to the shop (a little slower since we're both full) and then I take you back home.


Did you enjoy the date with Mr. Crombeen?

Was it your cup of tea? Did you like riding the tandem bikes?

Let us know in the comments and the poll.

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