Rabu, 14 September 2011

Recent Signings and a Call to Arms (Sort of)

It seems that every team wanted to get things in line before training camp starts. And we feel the same way (more on that later).

- The Bruins signed Brad Marchand to a two-year deal.

- The Islanders signed John Tavares to a six-year deal worth about 5.5 million.

- The Jets signed Zach Bogosian to a two-year deal.

- Erik Gudbranson is ready to set some ladies' panties on fire this season and we cannot wait.

- The Stars will be honoring Karlis Skrastins by wearing a #37 decal on their helmets.

- Speaking of the Stars, they will be filing for bankruptcy and then putting the team up for auction.

- Will Dustin Byfuglien be back with the Jets this season? Many questions surround his arrest and how he may not be available for training camp.

- There are six teams still without a captain. Can you name all six? Noodles could, but that's because she's Rainman when it comes to NHL facts.

A Call To Arms (Sort of):

So training camps start this week, right? We are going to the Penguins camp of course and there are two things we would like to say about it.

1. If you are going to a training camp of your favorite team and want to write up something for us to put here, please do so. We will be publishing any kind of write up that you ladies give to us about the training camps so let us know.

It will be cool because we wish we could go to every single one and take scout notes on the players and have the best fantasy team ever. (insert evil, mad genius laugh)

2. We are attending the Penguins training camp, obviously, and if you would like to meet us we will be posting our position on Twitter on both Saturday and Sunday. Come and say hi or just creepily stalk us like we would do. Either is fine.

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