Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

We're Three Years Old Today!

It's our 3rd Birthday!


It's still shocking that we're still doing this after three years of tasteless jokes and horrible photoshopping jobs.

But we guess that there are worse blogs than ours still out there in existence.

Like every other three year old we know, we just say what we want and think that we're right.

Because to us, we're always right about whatever we talk about.

But of course this blog takes a group effort and we would like to thank you guys for being there for us when we lost our way or needed some helping inspiration.

You know who you are. The beetches who email us great tips and pictures and ideas. The ladies who leave us great comments all the time. And the creepers who read and lurk (we love you, too).

We love each and every one of you, even the trolls.

You make this blog worth it and are the reason why we're in existence for another year. Thank you!

In honor of our birthday, we have created a crossword based on the players that we talk about allllll the time on the blog. It's a picture so you gotta print it out and then fill it out.

Have fun with it!

And we will see you tomorrow with the first of our One-A-Days!

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