Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Date Night Friday: Eric Godard

Eric Godard.

Yet another instance of us being shocked by the players that we have overlooked on DNF but it does happen.

We are only human.


Hehehe hi ladies, what's up? I am Eric Godard and the Dallas Stars's newest enforcer. Don't let that fool you though, I really am just a huge teddy bear.

Instead of trying to woo you on a date, I am just going to state the (many) reasons why you should date me.

1. I love children

2. I love dogs, especially Tonka

3. Charity work is extremely important to me.

4. I will punch out a dude if he looks wrong at you or my dog

5. Loyalty is next to godliness

6. Pranks are so much fun

7. I did win the Stanley Cup

8. Did I mention that I love children?

9. I am very fashionable

And for the date, since I really like to woo girls, starts out with a fun little fishing trip on the lake by my summer house. I teach you how to bait and hook and then cast the line.

I brought the sunblock so you don't get sunburned and put on the places that you can't reach. After we're done fishing, we cook the fish we catch on the grill and eat it as the stars come out.

Yes it's an outdoorsy date but every girl loves the country. Well, girls that want to date me do.

So what do you think? Am I perfect? Would you like to date my pretty face?

If not then I will just have to beat up your favorite team's enforcer.

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