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One-A-Day: Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens

2010-2011 for the Canadiens was the year of Carey Price.

Last off season, Gauthier traded Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blues which effectively made Carey Price the #1. That kind of scared us. We were wondering what would happen, if he would implode or not with all of the pressure.

Instead, Price rose above it and became an excellent #1 goaltender. He had 38 wins in 72 appearances with a .923 save percentage. Not too shabby. We were pleasantly surprised.

Another thing that we were pleasantly surprised about was the Canadiens in the play offs. We think one of the best rivalries in the NHL today is between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. There is enough bad blood and animosity between the players that every game is interesting.

And that's just in the regular season. When it's the play offs, things get ridiculous. And this season's first round meeting was just excellent.

There were players flipping the bird to the crowd and chirping and overtime goals and teams only winning in the rival's building. We couldn't be pulled away from the television.

After the Bruins advanced, the Canadiens focused on the draft and free agency which brought them scoring help in the form of Erik Cole (interesting) and goaltending help with Peter Budaj coming to the team.

We are learning to enjoy the Canadiens and are slowly becoming fans of this team.


General Manager - Pierre Gauthier

Coach - Jacques Martin

Team Captain - Brian Gionta

Player(s) everyone should love - PK Subban

we like to call it the 'Ovechkin syndrome' because he's cocky but his energy is infectious and you can't help but either love him or hate him

Player we don’t love - Scott Gomez and it always will be

Who they got - Jeff Woywitka, Brian Willsie, Nathan Lawson, Erik Cole & Peter Budaj

Who they lost - Tom Pyatt, Alexandre Picard, Curtis Sanford, Benoit Pouliot, Alex Auld, Roman Hamrlik & Jeff Halpern

Located at - Bell Centre


Hotness level - 7

Hal Gill. Hal Gill. Hal Gill.

Isn't that enough reason for the score? Then you add in Carey Price and his pompadour hair. And the soul patch of Josh Gorges. Plus Mike Cammalleri's fashion sense. And lastly, Hal Gill again.

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