Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

One-A-Day: Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators

It was quite a season that the Senators had. Just not a good one. They had two first round picks and one was the sixth. It was one of the highest picks in Ottawa's history.

After several consecutive seasons of making the play offs, it seemed like they were going to make it every year. But the wheels started to fall off.

The season seemed doomed from the start. First there was the incompetent goaltenders that Ottawa had and we still feel sorry for them for that. Then there was an injury to every major player on the team.

And then the straw that broke the Senator's back: the injury to Daniel Alfredsson. Without him, the team is aimless. He may have the skills of a potato but he is the heartbeat of the team.

Now that Alfredsson is healthy and Jason Spezza had his year off, the Senators are looking to right the ship. With the help of Craig Anderson, it doesn't seem like such a dream for the Senators to reach the play offs again.


General Manager - Bryan Murray

Coach - Paul MacLean

Team Captain - Daniel Alfredsson

Player(s) everyone should love - Erik Karlsson

Swedish! And he has a Who nose that's just adorable.

Player we don’t love - Nick Foligno because of his dirty mustache

Who they got - Nikita Filatov, Tim Conboy, Bill Sweatt, Mike McKenna, Mark Parrish, Zenon Konopka & Alex Auld

Who they lost - Cody Bass, Ryan Shannon, Curtis McElhinney, Ryan Potulny & Pascal Leclaire

Located at - Scotiabank Center


Hotness level - 5

We don't have the heart to give the team anything lower than a 5 just because it doesn't seem fair. We think that Jason Spezza is attractive just because his laugh is extremely ridiculous. But we can't lie about this. Erik Karlsson is the five points.

Forgive us.

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