Minggu, 31 Juli 2011

No Pun Intended

Everyone knows how much sports sites love their puns. We've documented it several times and complained about it but here is the official post.

There have been so many egregious puns made in the past years that we wonder what is up with these writers. If there isn't a pun in the headline then will it not be published? Is there a secret quota that has to be filled?

Some of the many questions that we ask ourselves.

Here is an example of a lame headline that we have seen over and over and over and it was old the first time they used it.

Really? Just because it rhymes? Booooo! Think of something better next time.

This one is just lame all around.

But at the same time we feel bad because we don't think we could come up with a better headline for that group of videos.

Give us some time and we could.

Of course this last example is not a headline but it's pretty convincing advertising and has a pretty nice play of words.

Yep, we're shallow enough to buy tickets after seeing that.

If you have any bad memories of puns gone wrong in headlines or just lame ones then send them our way, we love laughing at them.

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