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One-A-Day: Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets

It is still strange to think that a team is basically gone. It's the same players (mostly) but different management and different owners and definitely different fans.

We were very excited to see that they were going to keep the nickname from the old Winnipeg days because it would have been sad to see another named team in Winnipeg. We actually are old enough to remember the Jets before they moved.

Here's to a better second chance for the Jets.

Okay, onto the team.

The now defunct 'Thrashers' did not make the play offs. They definitely had their loyal fans but you could tell that it just wasn't happening for the team in Atlanta.

And as fans of the Penguins, we understand what it is like to have your team be in the throes of relocation woes.

We also thank the hockey gods for not sending the Penguins to Kansas City. That would have been the end of every hope and dream we ever had.

Anyway, we think that the Jets are the team we want to watch the most. It is basically like Thrashers North but it is also a little different. The players will have more motivation and more support from fans.

We think that there's hope for the Jets and we're interested to see where this team goes this season.


General Manager - Kevin Cheveldayoff

Coach - Claude Noel

Team Captain - Andrew Ladd

Player(s) everyone should love - Bryan Little, the little center who could but no one ever remembers is actually pretty good

Player we don’t love - We like them all? They seem pretty harmless...

Who they got - Jason Jaffray, Randy Jones, Tanner Glass & Derek Meech

Who they lost - Anthony Stewart, Redek Dvorak & Eric Boulton

Located at - MTS Centre


Hotness level - 6

What we like about the Jets is that they are a bunch of kids who are up-and-coming and they're really not grown into their looks yet. It takes time and it takes some seasoning in the AHL.

But they do have Andrew Ladd, hey boy hey.

And Blake Wheeler is a huge hunk of manmeat that we just want to climb.

And a point for Mark Stuart's jaw.

Of course we gave Zach Bogosian like three points for his eyebrows.

That's how it pans out, beetches.

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