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One-A-Day: Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres

Oh man, the Sabres. Years before we're felt, how do we say it?, uh yes, sorry for the Sabres and especially their fans.

Things seemed okay because the team always made it into the play offs. The Sabres were always good enough to make it and to make some noise, especially in 2006 when they battled the soon-to-be Stanley Cup Champions, Carolina Hurricanes, for the Eastern Conference title.

But it always seemed like the team came up just a little short. Since then, the Sabres have been coming up shorter and shorter. In 2011, the Sabres didn't make it past the first round despite having a lead in the series.

And they always had up and down seasons, relying heavily on the heroics of Ryan Miller. Things seemed stagnant in Buffalo for a while there. But with the new talent that's been signed by the new owners and the up-and-coming talent that's coming up through the system, there's hope in the organization.

Blame was always put heavily onto the owners, for not luring big players onto the Sabres. So when Terry Pegula took over, new life was breathed into the organization. The purse was opened.

And nothing was a sign of that like the deal that was given to Christian Ehrhoff. It's a huge deal for a big-name defenseman that will definitely bring change to the whole organization, not just the defense.

There's hope on the horizon for the Sabres and their fans.


General Manager - Darcy Regier

Coach - Lindy Ruff

Team Captain - no one

Player(s) everyone should love - Nathan Gerbe


Player we don’t love - Ville Leino

Who they got - Drew MacIntyre, Ville Leino, Christian Ehrhoff & Robyn Regehr

Who they lost - Tom Conboy, Mark Parrish, Tim Connolly, Mark Mancari, Patrick Lalime, Mike Grier & Rob Niedermayer

Located at - newly minted Fist Niagara Center


Hotness level - 8

Yes, they've improved. In the looks department, heck yes. It took quite a few years for them to grow into their looks but it's finally here.

Drew Stafford is a hidden gem of a stud. We should start promoting his face on the blog.

And we just tremble at the thought of Marcus Foligno and his deep voice that does not match his baby-face.

And Paul Gaustad and Tyler Myers. Oh, don't get us started on the potential for hotness on this team.

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