Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Date Night Friday: Brent Burns

Why did we pick Mr. Burns you ask? As Mouthguard so eloquently put it in the email suggesting this awesome SOB, "He's not from BC but he should be. Honorary. You must feature him."

And so we are.


How's it going, ladies? My name is Brent Burns and I love reptiles and my wife and being in San Jose.

Twitter knows all about that.

I was thinking that maybe on this date we should have a nice little tour of my house. Or as people like to call it, 'the zoo'. I don't know why.

There are snakes and lizards and dogs and cats and babies crawling all over the place.

Eh, it happens. At least everyone's fed and happy.

And if I ever lose a baby, I know how to get another.

After the tour of 'the zoo', my wife makes us some delicious sandwiches and we take a picnic basket to the beach. It's sunny and beautiful out and kids are running around.

Man, I love San Jose.

Then we go back to my house and watch any Harry Potter movie you want. And I get to show off my awesome tattoo.

Ladies love the HP tattoo.


We know it was a pretty chaste date but we think that's how it will go. Ain't no kissing or more unless that's what you imagine.

Let us know if you would date him or not.

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