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One-A-Day: Boston Bruins

This write-up was sent to us by Cat and we can't thank her enough for helping us out with the Big Bad Bruins.

What a year they had.


Da Boston Bruins

Oh yea baby…

Where do I even start? This was a season like no other and not just because of the ending. We saw Tim Thomas not only regain the starter position, but set all kinds of records doing it.

Then we watched as a player who was brought in to be a 4th line grinder developed into a 2nd wing scoring threat – not to mention becoming one of the most annoying pests in the NHL right now (and we adore him for it - other teams, and their fans, like the Canadiens and Canucks may despise him, but we love our “Little Ball of Hate” – a nickname he picked up during the playoffs).

We were delighted to witness Looch break the 30 goal level, at the same time Bergeron became so vital to the team that losing him for just 2 games during the playoffs made fans break a sweat, and who can forget the mind-boggling, age-defying Recchi? I think his loss is going to really be felt very deeply this season. It seems almost impossible that he was only with the Bruins for 2 years. He arrived as a “veteran” player, but leaves an icon and hero.

While Ryder sometimes seems to sleep through parts of the regular season he turned it on in the playoffs and I don’t blame the Stars for making him an offer he couldn’t refuse (I will miss him terribly though – he was a mercurial, shy (or is it sly?), ginger with whom I played a cat & mouse game when it came to trying to get a photograph of his face [during warm-ups] – ah, good times…).

You have no idea how many pictures I had to take to get this one.

Ok, I’m sure it is obvious I could wax poetic about them for hours and hours (and pages and pages), but I will try to control myself. (not sure how long that will last, but I trust the girls to trim it back if I get completely out of control or, worse, boring)

So here is the breakdown


President – “Bam-Bam Cam” Neely

Only the Lightning can match the Bruins for having a Hall of Famer who has not only been so deeply influential in developing a team to compete at every level and at every position, but whose mere presence is intimidating.

General Manager – Peter Chiarelli

Don’t mess with Chia-pet.

Captain – The Big Z

And I do mean BIG!

(ok, maybe it was a little unfair to use a picture of him with St. Louis, but I couldn’t resist)

Players everyone should love:

While I think the answer should be “all of them” I somehow don’t think I’m going to sell you all on that so I’ll narrow it down to some of my favorites.

Gregory Campbell – 4th line center - the “throw in” for the Nathan Horton for Dennis Wideman trade. He is tough, fearless, talented and ridiculously under-rated. Plus Gregory is super sexy, single and has some seriously beautiful eyes.

Dennis Seidenberg – Top pair D-man. AKA “the guy who plays with Chara”. An insane workhorse on the blueline. While his regular season stats were very good and he matched his career highs in points and power-play points , it was in the playoffs that he took his play up several notches. In the post season alone he posted a league high 74 blocked shots and while he averaged just one second less of TOI (27:38) than Zdeno Chara he did so without any power-play time. Without him the Bruins don’t shut down the Sedins.

Did I mention he knows the art of the “Take Down” too?

Tim Thomas – Yoga junkie, Come-back King and Goalie extraordinaire. I’m not even going to take the time to recite his mind-boggling stats. I’m just going to show you my favorite reasons to love him.

Players we don’t love:

Ummmm……how about I just name a player other teams and fans don’t love (he’s one of the favorites in Boston though and has quickly developed a cult-like following) – I speak of course of Brad Marchand.

But how can’t you love a guy who will hit anyone anytime and chirps with the best of them?

Who they lost:

Mark Recchi (he who shall always be remembered only as a Bruin in Boston - I’m campaigning to get the Bs to hire him as a player developer), Michael Ryder (*sigh* I will miss his gingerness and spectacular/incredibly frustrating style of play – he will always be remembered for his glove save vs the Habs – a minor hero…of sorts), Tomas Kaberle (I know many in Boston were glad to see him go, but I didn’t think he was so bad, expectations were just set unreasonably high. Still I think he’ll fit in better with the Canes than Bs) and last, but not least, “Sheriff” Shane Hnidy (always a fan favorite and from what I’ve heard a great guy to have in the locker room, I will miss him too).

Who they gained:

Benoit Pouliot (I guess with the loss of Ryder the Bs felt they needed to fill their “former Hab” quota) and Joe Corvo (I’m tentatively excited about him. I think he could end up being a key player. Maybe.)

Keep an eye out for “farm boys” Jamie Arniel, Jordan Caron and Steven Kampfer. Kampfer in particular as he did a really good job playing D for 38 games. He may even start on the Bruins roster as the “7th” defenseman.

Where they play: TD Garden, Boston

Love the new look ;)


Hotness factor: 9.5 – there ain’t a dog among ‘em. And with guys like this I don’t want to hear any arguments.

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