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One-A-Day: Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks

Last season started out mediocre at best for the Ducks. They were mired in a strong Pacific Division and battling it out with the Sharks, Stars, Kings and Coyotes for playoff spots.

That was until (S)Corey Perry decided to wake the f up and become the NHL's reigning Hart and Rocket winner.

We're still proud of our little princess.

The Ducks were the hottest team going into the playoffs and no Western Conference team wanted to be up against them. They gave it everything they had in the first round but the Predators were a tough team as well.

This upcoming season will not be without it's trials for the (mighty) Ducks. There are questions abounding about the Ducks' goaltending situation. Will Jonas Hiller be healthy for another grueling season? Who is going to be the backup? These are questions that keep Bob Murray up all night.

At least he doesn't have to worry about the waffling of Scott Niedermayer on retirement anymore. Oh wait, what about Teemu Selanne? There is that question...

But what we're excited about is Cam Fowler. He had a pretty decent offensive year for being a baby and we want to see if he can improve on that (and his defensive side) this season. We can only hope for the best.


General Manager - Bob Murray

Coach - Randy Carlyle (scariest coach in our opinion)

Team Captain - Ryan Getzlaf

Player(s) everyone should love - Bobby Ryan

It seems like an obvious choice because he's quite photogenic and has a 'great sense of humor' but it was still hard. Can you hear us swooning?

Player we don’t love - Jason Blake (for personal reasons)

Who they got - Andrew Cogliano, Kurtis Foster, JF Jacques & Matt Smaby

Who they lost - Jarkko Ruutu, Ray Emery, Andreas Lilja, Andy Sutton & Kyle Chipchura

Located at - the Honda Center


Hotness level - 6

A slight improvement over last season because Bobby Ryan got hot. And Cam Fowler played some pretty good hockey for being twelve and in the NHL. And they traded Andy Sutton for Andrew Cogliano and who doesn't love a clueless 'Jersey Shore' look-alike?

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