Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Date Night Friday: Jordan Staal

Imagine our shocked faces when we realized that we have never dated a Staal boy. Never.

That's just unheard in our line of work.

We feel that we have let down our general female population/readers and we want to apologize. It might be because we never liked the obvious pick but even this is too much for us.

Anyway, enjoy the date!


Helloooooooo ladies.

I don't think I need to introduce myself but just in case, my name is Staal, Jordan Staal.

And I am the son of a sod-farmer with extremely buff arms and beautiful blonde hair. It happens only in Canada. I am the best looking Staal but my brothers aren't too bad.

Okay, onto the date.

I have planned the perfect evening for us. It starts out in the afternoon when I take you to get my favorite food ever, pierogies. I like to smother them in butter and onions but don't tell coach.

After that indulgence, I take you to my favorite place in all of Pittsburgh: the zoo.

We start with the tigers and pandas and work our way throughout, aw-ing at the cutest animals and making fun of the crazy-looking ones.

I buy you a stuffed polar bear because I saw you looking at it and hand it to you as we leave the park.

I have to admit, it's a pretty suave move on my part.

In the car, we listen to the radio and sing along all the way to your house.


Did you like this innocent date with Mr. third Staal?

Are pierogies and the zoo your type of date?

Let us know either by voting or in the comments section.

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