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2011 Media Day: Booooring

There is seriously a lack of pictures and we've been trying. Maybe it's because we can't access Canadian websites for fear of their awesomeness leaking into America or something like that.

Or maybe our search skillz are lacking these days with the heat and all.

Anyway, here is our Media Day (favorite day besides when they give away the Stanley Cup) recap with the pictures that we found appropriate.

So when it first starts out, we are greeted by Deb Placey's voice and we know that we're in for a long night.

We can't help that we don't like her, she's leathery and annoying.

Then the camera pans and we can see who the rest of the panel is: Mike Johnson (yummy), Marty Turco (funny) and Kevin Weekes (getting better as the seasons progress).

Okay, this won't be so bad.

The first glimpse we get of hockey players is fast.

We feel like paparazzi stalking their next victim as we shouted out who was who and what body part we saw in a hooded sweatshirt.

BTW, what is up with the hooded sweatshirts?

Last season and now this one. We remember the days when the kids wore pressed suits and combed their hair.

Nowadays, we're lucky Kesler put a hat on his sex hair.

But that's the word of the day: hooded sweatshirt.

First up are the Vancouver Canucks.

Anyway, the first action we get is Oreskovich and Hodgson sitting at the kids' table and waiting for someone to let them in on the fun.

Seven Kevin passes them up without a second look.

Next, we're treated to Billy Jaffe face-raping Alex Edler with a microphone.

He says nothing interesting like all Swedes. They're pretty but they're also really bland and never have any fun scandals up their sleeves (most of the time).

Oh hi, Canucks German.

He's hiding in his hooded sweatshirt. Like a baby German turtle.

Now it's one of the twins.

We wrote down that it was Daniel buuuuuut we could be wrong, there is about a 50% chance that it was Henrik.

Alex Burrows claims that he has nothing to worry about since his wife takes care of the baby. He said it about fifty times.

Now, this may be shallow but we really wish that his wife would pluck his eyebrows. Or get him a wax for Father's Day.

Then we get to see Chris Higgins crashing in on the panel. He's got a great beard.

It's pretty sweet.

Jeff Tambellini is quite attractive.

But the only thing he's asked about is his father and how he feels being the Oilers GM while his son is playing for the Cup in Vancouver.


Tanner Glass drive-by!

The panel was excited to see him.

Ryan Kesler is a hot commodity.

He says that he wasn't injured in the San Jose game, he left his iron on. Duh. We called to remind him, that's why he left so fast.

Hi, Luongo.

Bye, Luongo.

We cannot like him. It is not allowed.

Oh, we can't help it. He's pretty and French, you know how girls get.

We will never make fun of Kevin Bieksa no matter how bad or awesome he plays. Like we always say, he is a major badass and can/will murder you in your sleep with one look.

No joke.

Then coach/general manager are at the tables. That's our cue for lunch.

Now onto the Boston Bruins.

We feel that we missed something for the Bruins. Like Chara and Krejci and Seguin, or maybe they didn't show up?

But we think that our recording shut off too early and we missed the interviews.

First up is Cam Neely.

His looks are still holding up which is surprising for a hockey player.

The cameras show a glimpse of the Bruins as the first wave of interviews come into the room.

Again it was like stalking our next victim as we tried to find out who was where and where they were going.

The first interview is Shawn Thornton.

And he bitches about the last time he was there and no on came to talk to him. He waited the whole time and almost no one came to see him.


Tomas Kaberla.

Creepy beard.

Nathan Horton: sitting until something more interesting than Billy Jaffe comes along. Or someone says something about him sitting during an interview.

How does he have perfect teeth? It's amazing.

Patrice Bergeron.

Yet another human that we will never speak ill will of. He is almost the perfect human. Even with the yellow crocs.

Then we get a glimpse of Tuukka Rask and his hair.

The hair, my jeez, it's like a girl's. Of course LeTude loves it and swoons over it. Her choice in men is not something we can approve of.

Another German. Alert the media! Dennis Seidenberg is fact GERMAN in case you had NO IDEA that he was from that part of the world.

They keep telling us, over and over.

Another former Canadien joins the panel, Michael Ryder.

And they bring up how he and Claude Julien are BFFs forever and he's been coached by him for every level of hockey.

The last time Chris Kelly was in the play offs, he was like fourteen. Or in 2007, so four years ago.

But he was young and it was the first time he had been there.

Andrew Ference has a mouth on him and we love it. He says whatever he wants and gets away with it.

That's why he's fantastic.

Our taping ends with Brad Marchand.

He looks like a McCreeper with the beardy weirdy and muzzy. But what can we say? If he's scoring, who cares what he looks like.

Thank you for joining us on our yearly Media Day recaps. You know we love them.

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