Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

2011 NHL Awards Post-Show

Like everyone else that loves hockey, we watched the NHL Awards show. It was alright, just like every year.

And just like every year, we were not surprised about the majority of the winners. It isn't a bad thing but it's also true.

Here are a few things that we noticed while watching the Awards show:

- Jay Mohr isn't our favorite but they could do a lot worse. We think. But we also like to think that they could do better.

- We really enjoyed the opening video for the show just because it actually was funny. In case you didn't see it or want to see it again, here it is.

The 'motivational speech' part with Bruce Boudreau was the best part. That and the hotel part where Sid and Dupuis were talking.

- We also liked his 'serious' plea to fans to stop booing Bettman. We like the old bastard, we think that he does his best with the NHL and really tries to make things better.

- Of course Nick Lidstrom took home the Norris.

Everyone knows that one day our son with Shea Weber will win the Lidstrom and not the Norris because that trophy won't exist anymore.

- We demand that someone makes us a Jonathan Toews Face Monitor because he cannot keep it in his pants.

You could tell everything he was thinking every time the camera was on him. He couldn't contain the disdain as Kesler walked past him. He couldn't stop the eye-roll when the Cup was brought out. And he couldn't believe that the show was over when it was.

We found this on Tumblr and the credit goes to withglowinghearts- for making it.

So freaking true.

- Ryan Kesler is like a petulant two-year-old who gets mad when he doesn't get what he wants then he sulks and gets mad.

But that's one of the reasons why we absolutely love him. A lot.

We're happy that he won the Selke because if he didn't then he would have pouted and death-glared at whoever won it.

- Then we were treated to the Part Two of the Gold vs Silver debate with Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan.

Haha, yes!

- And Dan Byslma deserves every award and trophy they ever try to give him. He is a quality human being and we love how much he loves his son.

Please, take anything and everything we have and never leave the Penguins. We love you.

- Jeff Skinner is really becoming hockey's answer to Justin Bieber.

It's quite scary how so many girls love him.

- We can't even talk about the leathery beetches that gave out the Lady Byng. They couldn't even get Martin St. Louis's name right.

Really? You really don't know anything? Jeeeeeesus.

- The Pawn Stars skit was awesomely amazing and hilariously funny.

- Jon Hamm, hello.

Henrik is obsessed with his face and the fact that he loves hockey so much. Especially a team like the Blues, yes please.

He was especially funny and we were surprised about it. The 'modified Ron Swanson' joke was the best.

We're going to campaign next season for Jon Hamm to host the NHL Awards show. Let's do it.

- Tim(my) Thomas won the Vezina and he totally deserved it.

We approve this award.

- We're still shocked that Corey Perry won the Hart. Not that he didn't deserve it but we're surprised that someone who deserved it won.

We think he was shocked he won as well.

- It's been a long season and this was a good way to cap it off. With awful jokes and even worse music and awards going out to the players we like.

Donatella approves, that's for sure.

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