Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Links For A Friday

- After the Game Four win, Nathan Horton surprised the Bruins with a locker room visit. There's even a video in the link.

- Because of Winnipeg getting a team, the AHL approved the move of the Moose to St. John's N.L.

- We found this article and it has some ridiculous ideas in it about trading star players like Sidney Crosby and Tim Thomas but it's worth the read because most of the ideas make sense. In some convoluted way.

- Kevin Bieksa definitely has an attitude and it shows when reporters asked if the Canucks had an unsung hero award. "'Don't peewee teams have that?' Bieksa asked mockingly."

- We found this blog through Twitter called 'Hockey's Finest' and we think you should check it out because it's pretty awesome.

- And in case you're interested, TSN has all of the UFAs and RFAs for each team. East & West.

- If you get bored, Grace found this website of videos of past Canadian World Juniors players. It's a ton of fun to watch through it.

- And Shanny found the Jackpot of all videos. It's a website of videos from Nike Bauer featuring players like Jonathan Toews, the Staal boys, Patrick Kane and Steven Stamkos among others.

You should check it out:

Filming the APX commercial
Videos of the athletes doing things
A scroll-through of every athlete involved in the commercial
And here's the entire Pro Camp links

Brad Richards news:

- The New York Rangers are considering buying out Chris Drury. Which is more evidence that they're going to go after Brad Richards.

- The Dallas Stars are open to dealing the rights to Brad Richards so they can get something back before he becomes a free agent.


- Andrei Kostitsyn re-signed with the Canadiens, a deal for only one year.

- The Toronto Maple Leafs re-signed James Reimer to a three-year deal.

- Craig Adams and the Pittsburgh Penguins agreed on a two-year deal which makes many Pens fans very happy.

- The Montreal Canadiens re-signed Mathieu Darche to a one-year contract.

- The Columbus Blue Jackets re-signed defenseman Grant Clitsome to a two-year deal.

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