Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Stanley Cup Finals: Game Seven


It's over.

The Boston Bruins are the Stanley Cup Champions and Zdeno Chara was crowned the winning captain.

Tim Thomas was named the most valuable player during the play offs.

Totally deserved it. We've made fun of him a lot here but the bitch showed up when it counted and that's all that matters.

We just want to say congratulations to the Bruins and to their fans because we know what this journey is all about and to win it all is a mix of relief and happiness and complete craziness.

For us, it seems like a million years ago that we were at the Stanley Cup Parade in the sweltering June heat at nine in the morning, waiting for a glimpse of our boys with the Cup.

So fans, enjoy this. Stop hating on 'bandwagon' fans, at least your team has fans. Stop hating on the Canucks, they lost and they're already in a world of hurt. We've been there too.

Just remember that when October rolls around, you're just another team and on the starting line with everyone else. So celebrate now and make sure that it counts.

We did.

Just remember that seeing Patrice Bergeron raise the Cup is amazing after all that he has been through and that he's been a Bruin for the longest on the team.

And having Mark Recchi (finally) retire after getting his THIRD Cup is also pretty awesome.

And Andy Ference getting a chance to celebrate like a little kid with the Cup after losing in 2004.

That's pretty special as well.

When we think about all of the guys on the Bruins and who they lost/gained throughout the season, it makes the win more special than before.

So many great players have finally got to raise the Cup.

This is going to be a fun summer.

We also want to say congratulations to the Canucks on a great season and a Finals that was boring yet also compelling to watch.

We could say, 'There's always next year' but as Jeremy Roenick knows, there could never be a next year. We never made fun of him or Ryan Kesler crying because we would have too.

But for a team like Vancouver, it's likely that there is a 'next year'.

We would also like to say that it was really nice to see that most of the crowd at Rogers was still in attendance when the Cup was brought out. It was also nice to hear them cheer when certain Bruins held the Cup high.

Those are true hockey fans. You make all of us proud.

And we're sorry that some idiots trashed your city, we know that not all Canadians are like that.

There are people like that in America too. We're also sorry that as Hawks fans we couldn't root for you.

That's just how it is.

The Boston Bruins were named the best team in the NHL last night. Who would have thought, eh?

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