Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Jersey Math #3 - Hall Of Fame Edition

We admit that we've been a little lax in keeping up with the features on the blog with the Stanley Cup Finals and the problems at the Lair but we're pretty much back to normal now so things should be running smoothly from now on.

And we've finally got a new header. Took long enough, eh?


In light of the naming of the Hall of Fame Inductees, we have a new Jersey Math for everyone.


Doug Gilmour


Mark Howe


Joe Nieuwendyk


Another Hall of Famer who wore an iconic number...

Is it:

A. Gordie Howe

B. Ken Dryden

C. Mario Lemieux

D. Jean Beliveau

If you said #66 Mario Lemieux then you are correct.

We tried our hardest to add in Ed Belfour but there aren't any Hall of Famers who wear 46 or 86...yet.

Math isn't our strongest subject so if you figure out how to include all of them plus having the answer a Hall of Famer, let us know.

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