Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

Funny Video Saturday

So someone had the great idea to put both of the Ryan VS Ryan videos from the NHL Awards together into one.

This is all we've ever wanted.

Totally worth the click, here is a Cabbie video from the Draft. He's always hysterical.

And speaking of Cabbie, we found a video of him asking NHL players what they would/did get their significant others for Valentine's Day.

We know it's old but it still makes us laugh.

This is a video of some NHL players picking their suits for the Awards

Here is a link of Scott Burnside talking about all of the trades that went down during the Entry Draft this year.

It's kind of crappy quality but here is the Pawn Stars skit from the show.

This was sent to us from Grace and we had to laugh despite one of the greatest bromances ever being broken up.

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