Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

2011 Play Off Finals: Boston vs Vancouver

If you know us then you know that we have absolutely no vested interest in who wins the Stanley Cup this season. Doesn't mean that we don't care so don't read too much into the first sentence.

We like/dislike both teams equally. It would be cool to see either team win. Both deserve the Cup and they better give us seven amazingly good games so that the season ends with a bang instead of a whimper.

Of course many other people do care who wins but we'd be happy either way since the Cup is going somewhere and both seem like the only options.

Tomorrow is Game One and we decided to do a Top Ten of sorts of why this Finals will be fun even if we have no real team in the Finals.

Top Ten: SC Finals Edition

10. Tim Thomas vs Roberto Luongo

09. the very underrated Patrice Bergeron raising the Stanley Cup

08. The Three Musketeers: Burrows, Kesler & Bieksa

07. Kevin Bieksa being even more of a badass

06. Brad Marchand vs Raffi Torres

05. a European captain raising the Cup

04. a drought will be over

03. Cam Neely being thisclose to the Cup

02. Conn Smythe being handed out

01. the potential for overtime in Game Seven with a goal by the player you love

If you don't (or do) have a favorite team in the Finals, let us know why you'll be watching the Finals this season.

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