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2011 Draft Trades In Review

The talk of the draft was all about the trades that went down during the more than three hours it was aired on television.

There were a total of 17 trades over the two days that the 2011 Entry Draft was held. These were trades including players and picks.

It seemed like a lot of wheeling and dealing was happening on the second day especially but the whole draft felt like a game of Go Fish.

The biggest trades were the ones between San Jose and Minnesota, Toronto and Colorado and the Chicago/Florida trades.

San Jose traded Devin Setoguchi (along with a prospect and a first-rounder in 2011) to the Minnesota Wild for Brent Burns and a 2012 second-round pick.

This is an epic trade in our minds because it breaks up the bromance in San Jose between Logan and Devin.

We were upset for like two seconds before we remembered that their whole relationship happens on Twitter anyway so it doesn't matter where they are as long as they can Tweet at each other then they will still bros.

It's also an interesting trade because of Brent Burns. We've always been a fan of his love of reptiles and the missing tooth but seeing him in the Teal and Black will be a little strange.

It's also strange that the Wild would give him up but in the end both teams seem to come out on top because San Jose needed a defenseman that was a two-way player who could score and defend and the Wild desperately needed scoring.

Next up is the annual Brian Burke rip-off trade.

How he got John-Michael Liles from the Avalanche for just a draft pick in 2012 still baffles us.

Maybe it's because the last few years the Leafs have been so bad that all of their picks are within the first ten and therefore more valuable.

Or that Mr. Burke just has a gift for sweet-talking the other general managers.

We're still not sure if this will be a bust or not because Liles has had some pretty solid seasons with offense but the past three season he has been a minus. Doesn't sound too good to us.

And the third trade was the one that seemed completely out of left-field. It was the trade between the Blackhawks and the Panthers.

This trade was player-for-player with Brian Campbell going to the Panthers and Rostislav Olesz going to Chicago.

Mr. Dale Tallon has always been one of our favorite general managers and we think that the way that he left Chicago is still kind of shady.

But that's us being bitter and for another day.

Anyway back to the trade. It seems like the Panthers are fast becoming a team to actually contend with. All they needed was some solid drafting and they've got a team there.

We never saw Campbell going anywhere but it seems that Stan Bowman is still trying to get rid of salary however he can.

Happens when you win the Cup, we guess.

So, now it's time for some feedback. What did you think of the trades at the draft? Did you think that there were a lot more than other years? Let us know.

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