Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Kissy Faces Everyone

While Blogger was down the past couple of days, we went into a withdraw of sorts. it started with stalking Tumblr and then obsessively going through Twitter and then when we were really desperate we found ourselves on Youtube.

And that never ends well.

What started out as an innocent search for 'cats playing the piano' turned into this obsessive search for hockey players kissing each other. Don't ask. It doesn't make sense to us either.

Well, you lucky readers get to reap the benefits of our insane search. Here are the videos that we found.

First up we have Ziggy Palffy (remember him? holy time-warp, Batman) kissing Travis Green.

Kind of awkward because it's like they hesitate with puckered lips and then just go, "Well fuck, we got this far" so then they do it.

Next we have Esa Tikkanen who does it just to piss off the opposing team.

Not awkward, just awesome.

Then we have the Wojtek Wolski and Paul Stastny blink and you'll miss it kiss on the neck

So weird.

The rabbit hole leads us to this gem - Ryan Malone being a cute jerk and kissing Vincent Lecavalier

It's a little long but the kiss is right in the beginning. It's sweet though and funny to see Vinny blush.

This one was on Versus for all of the hockey world to see but you just can't stop the joy and young love on the Washington Capitals.


An almost kiss, Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson.

So funny when Doughty says, "Should we kiss?"

Our second favorite, Steve Yzerman kiss-bomb.

Yes. And that's one of the many reasons why he's awesome.

And our personal favorite for several reasons.

1. the running commentary from whoever taped it, "that's tongue action!"
2. how adorable and cute it is
3. the interviewer's calm attitude to it
4. Brandon Dubinsky being all nonchalant about it

So if we missed any that you know of, let us know. We did our best in this insane search for kissing.

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