Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Western Conference Final: Day Five

#1 Vancouver Canucks / #2 San Jose Sharks

Canucks win series 4-1 after a 3-2 double OT win

Just wow.

The Sharks threw everything they had at Luongo and were the better team but when the bounces aren't there they just aren't there.

Which is a huge shame.

The Sharks had a 2-1 lead and Ryan Kesler was injured. Things were looking up if you're a Sharks fan. But SuperKes makes it back and scores the game-tying goal.

And it goes to double overtime where Kevin Bieksa is the only player on the ice to see the puck hit off a stanchion and literally fall into his wheelhouse.

Sometimes the hockey gods work in mysterious ways.

PS- Captain didn't touch the trophy, wonder if the East team will?

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