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To Be Fair...

We have dug up a few pictures of Ryan Kesler for a picspam just to be fair and because we like to think that we can jinx him.

(from MouthGuard)

Just kidding, we did actually find a spam of Kesler pictures through the years at this link and of course we strongly suggest that you waste five minutes of your time looking at the evolution of this scoring pest.

The Globe & Mail has an article proclaiming Ryan Kesler as the total package. Duh, we've been saying that all season. He's the American (playing style only) version of Jonathan Toews. Yes, quote us on that.

Here is video of the Canucks postgame 'celebration'.

We wanted to see more but they shut it down before Kesler started to break dance to Taio Cruz and Bieska (sp) rolled his eyes in frustration.

In Capitals news:

Bob McKenzie asks What Now? for the Capitals after this epic collapse. There is no straight answer for this and the organization knows that something has to give.

Ted Leonsis has an emotional yet still ego-centric blog post about the loss and what it means for the organization.

Of course Bruce Bourdreau's job is in question. But George McPhee is standing by his man. How sweet.

Alex Ovechkin is fleeing to Russia. No, no it's to play for Russia at Worlds, you can keep breathing.

And in Bruins news:

This video was featured on NHL.com but if you're a fan of '30 Rock' and haven't seen it, we definitely suggest you do.

It's pretty funny.

And via PuckDaddy, this article is about a Bruins SuperFan who redecorated his Canadiens' fan boss's office after the Bruins won in the first round.

Nathan Horton: Who knew he could play in the play offs? Like we said, it's the magic of the 2003 draft.

This is a sign posted in Boston

(found on the HF Boards)

Genius and yet also mean, we like it

Other News:

Sweden whipped USA's ass and won 6-2 on Wednesday which pitted USA against Canada for a game taking place today.

Canada won the shootout which we're surprised they did without Jonathan Toews.

The Ted Lindsay award nominees were Corey Perry, Daniel Sedin and Steven Stamkos. Whatevs.

Keith Primeau is determined to end the epidemic of concussions because it may be too late for him but it isn't for his sons and the other boys he coaches in Philadelphia.

They created stopconcussion.com to help get the word out there about concussions and how they can be prevented.

The Dallas Stars sent three Swedish players to the World Championships in Slovakia and now all three are injured. That's what happens when you're nice and send your assets to help out friends.
(thanks to Shanny for the article tip)

RUMORS! We love reading Eklund because we don't believe anything on there. But we're goissipy girls so OF COURSE WE LOVE GOSSIP! So sterotypical but what can you do what it's true?

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